A model weed – shepherd’s purse Capsella bursa-pastoris

The common weed species owe their resilience and persistence to variation in life-history traits within the species. The genus Capsella provides a suitable model on which to base a range of studies in such intra-specific variation. Capsella bursa-pastoris  is currently the commonest broadleaf (dicot) weed of fields.

It generally causes little competitive reduction of the crop, provides food and shelter to beneficial invertebrates and has close synteny with the plant genetic model Arabidopsis. Variants are characterised by both physiological and molecular techniques. Studies range from broad scale analysis of the functional types that inhibit farmland, the effects of field management on functional types and the variation in important processes such as seed mucilage expansion and seed dormancy. The potential of Capsella as a medicinal and food plant is also being explored.

Previous funding: Scottish Government Strategic Research Programme 2011-16; PhD studentships; Scottish Government Sustainable Crop Systems 2006-11.

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