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Researchers working on IPM at the James Hutton Institute.

  • Graham Begg : ecological landscape engineering of farms and landscapes, modelling
  • Damian Bienkowski : sensor technologies for disease detection
  • Jennie Brierley : potato pathology and diagnostics
  • David Cooke : plant pathology, particularly potato late blight and how changing pathogen populations impact aspects of IPM such as fungicide
  • Cathy Hawes : trophic interactions, weeds, ecology
  • Nicola Holden : interactions between bacteria and their host plants
  • Pete Iannetta : weeds, seed persistence
  • Ali Karley : plant traits, plant-insect interactions
  • Alison Lees : potato pathology, diagnostic tools, epidemiology, host resistance
  • Roy Neilson : Nematololgist and rhizosphere ecologist
  • Adrian Newton : cereal pathology, particularly resistance elicitors, crop heterogeneity, novel resistance and cultivar deployment, sustainability and pathogen population responses, resistance, decision support systems and durability of host resistance
  • Peter Skelsey : theoretical and spatial epidemiologist
  • Geoff Squire : crops, weeds, systems
  • Ian Toth : bacteriologist