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SEFARI Gateway Case Study

The impact of sustainable cropping on soil-borne diseases – a focus on Rhizoctonia...

Parisitoid wasp ovipositing in an aphid
Learning‐induced switching costs in a parasitoid can maintain diversity of host aphid phenotypes although biocontrol is destabilised under abiotic stress

A recent paper shows that a ‘switching penalty’ incurred by parasitoids searching for host aphids could explain stable coexistence of parasitism-resistant and -susceptible aphid phenotypes in the...

IPM@Hutton members talking about IPM research at the James Hutton Institute with a member fo the public and the 2019 Royal Highland Show
IPM at the Royal Higland Show

From the 20th to the 23rd of June 2019, the IPM@Hutton group ran a stand at the Royal Highland Show, Ingleston, in the James Hutton Institute marquee. Our members...

Royal Highland Show 2019

IPM@Hutton will be at the Royal Highland Show (June 20th-23rd)

Please come and visit us to hear all about our work on IPM in the James Hutton Institute...

Royal Highland Show 2019

IPM@Hutton will be at the Royal Highland Show (June 20th -23rd)

Come and hear all about our work on IPM in The James Hutton Institute Marque


Bumble bee
Inaugural IPM@Hutton and CSC stakeholder group meeting

Over the latter half of 2018, the Integrated Pest and Disease Management Strategic Group (IPM@Hutton) and Centre for Sustainable Cropping at the James Hutton Institute invited representatives of a...

Bumble bee on flower
Neonicotinoid ban puts IPM in the spotlight

EU member states recently voted to widen the partial ban of three key neonicotinoid insecticides to cover all outdoor crops; putting pressure on growers to find alternative methods of pest control...

SSCR Potato Commitee Winter Meeting

Presentations on:  Integrated Pest Management of Potato at the Hutton - Jennie Brierley

                            Plant Health Centre of Expertise - Ian Toth

Crop Protection Northern Britain 2018

The James Hutton Institute presented aspects of their IPM research, including:

  • Research on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for potatoes  Ian Toth, Alison Lees,...