Crop Production Northern Britain 2018

Publish date: 
Monday, 23rd October 2017

CPNB: Dundee: 27 - 28 February 2018.

The James Hutton Institute will be presenting aspects of their IPM research, including:

  • IPM, from research to practice: Mind the gaps!  Nick Birch, James Hutton Institue
  • Research on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for potatoes  Alison Lees, Ian Toth, Jennie Brierley, Damian Bienkowski & Roy Neilson, James Hutton Institute
  • IPM tools for pest and disease management in raspberry plantations Alison Karley, J Graham, C Mitchell, D Williams, N Jennings, A Dolan, S Macfarlane, A Prashar, G Begg & N Birch, James Hutton Institute
  • Diagnostics for soil-borne pathogens of potato: an essential component of IPM Jennie Brierley, Louise Sullivan, James Lynott & Alison Lees, James Hutton Institute
  •  Healthy soils for crop production Roy Neilson, David Roberts, Kenneth Loades, Aurora Lozana &Tim Daniell